Caves and Caverns

A cave or cavern is a natural formation in a mountainside or in the ground, Many caves can be found between the area from the Ritigala mountains in the North to the central hills and the southern hillocks of the South. When exploring these caves, the most famous stands out as the Batatotalena at Sudugala. This cave is attributed with the "Balangoda Man" who is claimed to be, a prehistoric man whose skeletal remains were uncovered inside this cave. Additionally, Sri Lanka is famous for 'Inscriptions.' Many stone inscriptions that count a maximum of 4000 can be visited. Cave inscriptions are located in Mihintala, Wessagiriya, Sithulpawwa and Ritigala. Rock inscriptions include Galwala inscription, bilingual inscription Gadaladeniya, Alawala inscription, Galpotha inscription, Slab and Pillar Inscriptions. Cave inscriptions, however, are the oldest type of inscriptions, found inscribed below the famous Drip Ledge at the caves in Katarama. These are seen almost in every cave belonging to the early period.

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