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අල්ගම මහවත්ත අම්බලම

Algama Mahawaththa Ambalama

Ambalama Heritage

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Sabaragamuwa Province



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Algama Mahawaththa Ambalama

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The Ambalama (Sinhala: අම්බලම) is a simple structure that was designed to provide shelter for passing travellers. There were no charges for using the premises of the Ambalama as it was made, as an offering of goodwill (Pinkama). 

The Mahawatta Ambalama is an ancient wayside rest in Algama, situated on the Algama – Horagasmankada road. This rectangular Ambalama is made of brick and mortar. seven square pillars and 2 cylindrical pillars support the structure The roof is clad with clay tiles (rata ulu) To reach the Ambalama, take the Horagasmankada road from Algama and proceed 2.6 km. The Ambalama by the roadside, you can't miss it.