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අත්තනගල්ල ඇපලවත්ත අම්බලම

Apalawatta Ambalama (Yatawaka Ambalama)

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Apalawatta Ambalama (Yatawaka Ambalama)

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The Ambalama (Sinhala: අම්බලම) is a simple structure that was designed to provide shelter for passing travellers. There were no charges for using the premises of the Ambalama as it was made, as an offering of goodwill (Pinkama). Ambalamas were also ideal points where it is said, many a traveller would recite old Sinhala poetry for the others sharing the nights rest abode to…listen to. This structure was of indigenous architecture and made to withstand weather conditions. 

The Apalawatta Ambalama in Urapola is also known as Yatawaka Ambalama lies by the roadside but overlooking a beautiful playfield. Interesting to note that seating inside the Amblama, is constructed at three different heights, believed to have accommodated different social levels or classes.