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Bollatha Ambalama

Ambalama Heritage

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Bollatha Ambalama

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Bollatha Ambalama can be found at the 5th milepost on Kandana – Ganemulla Road. The Ambalama is located at the corner of the road at the turnoff to Walpola. Bollatha Ambalama has been restored in recent years and painted in yellow with a single entrance from the Walpola Road. There is a kind old gentleman who runs a hardware shop close by, and cleans this Ambalama every day.

“On this journey I glimpse an ancient ambalama deserted now, abandoned walls part hidden by unkempt mana grass, trees and thickets, half-walls open to the elements yet the roof tiles patterned in diamond shapes still set firmly on the wooden roof beams.”

Jean Arasanayagam “Searching For An Ambalama.”