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කොලඹ වරාය ප්‍රදීපාගාර

Colombo Pilot Station Lighthouse

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Colombo Pilot Station Lighthouse

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Most of the lighthouses in Sri Lanka were built during the British rule of the country (then known as Ceylon). These were operated and maintained by the Imperial Lighthouse Service. However, some lighthouses had keepers sent from Trinity House. After Sri Lanka gained independence, the operation of the lighthouses was taken over by the Navy on a piecemeal basis, with the completion of transfer by 1976. 

There are twenty-five lighthouses in Sri Lanka, with sixteen of those being still active. Most of these lighthouses now fall under the control of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, whilst the remainder is under the power of the Sri Lanka Navy.

The Colombo Harbour, the Colombo pilot station all painted in white, was built in 1885. this cylindrical tower topped by a dome centred on a circular two-story pilot station has a  focal plane of 17 m. The lighthouse has a green flash every 3 s.

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