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Kantaka Chethiya at Mihintale

Kantaka Chethiya at Mihintale

Kantaka Chethiya at Mihintale

Kantaka Cetiya Vaahalkada.

Kantaka Cetiya is a circular stupa having a base circumference of about 425 feet. It has three stepped rims. It has four frontispieces in the four cardinal directions.

The frontispiece is called Vaahalkada. All the Vaahalkadas are decorated with dwarfs, animals, human, divine figures and floral motifs. One of the most important sculptures on the Kantaka Cethiya Vaahalkada is the elephant-headed God with two arms. The Saivites call it Ganapati or Ganeesaa. The Ganapati sculptures in the Vaahalkadas of the Kantaka Cetiya have created confusion among archaeologists and historians. No one could not explain the connection between Ganapati God and Buddhism. Thus, the Sinhalese historians and archaeologists have tried to give some imaginary interpretation.

The Sinhalese archaeologists and historians say that King Suratissa has built this Stupa. The Pesavalalu and the frontispiece have been preserved to a great extent. There are ruins of the Stupa, which are 40 ft (12 m) in height. The monks would have resided in the caves close to the Stupa as King Lajjitissa renovated this Stupa. There is no doubt that this belongs to the 1st century B.C.


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