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Katu Seya

Katu Seya

Katu Seya

On the main road of Jaffna to Kandy, a few miles away from Mihinthale Junction, there is this small Stupa called “Katu Seya.” This Stupa is one of the four main Stupas that belongs to the Mihinthale Monastery complex. According to architectural features, this Stupa demonstrates Mahayana structure traditions. It is believed that Katu Seya belongs to the Anuradhapura Era.

History of Katu Seya

According to the legends, this Stupa has built by enshrining the tools and equipment used to develop the Mihinthale Monastery Complex. However, there is no written evidence to determine when this Stupa was built. But archeologists have discovered a plaque set up by King Mihindu IV, by naming this Stupa as Katu Seya.

Additionally, in an excavation conducted in the early 19th century of the area around the stupa, copper plates with engravings of the Mahayana Sutra verses in Sinhala and Sanskrit written during the 8th and 9th century had been found from the Stupa premisses


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