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කීරමලේ ‍ඓතිහාසික මිරිදිය පොකුණ

Keerimale Fresh Water Spring

Keerimale Fresh Water Spring

Keerimale Fresh Water Spring

Hot springs at Keerimale is a natural spring lying next to the sea west of Palaly. A bathing tank is built surrounding this pool and only the walls separate the waters of the spring and the sea. Although the tank is so close to the sea, the water is fresh coming from an underground fresh water spring in Tellipallai-Maviddapuram.

Hindu religious adherents believe bathing in the water of Keerimalai will rid the body of various diseases that lead to a rejuvenated life. The belief is that the act of bathing here could induce childless women to achieve pregnancy. People irrespective of creed, race and caste are tempted to bathe in Keerimalaj pond. This freshwater spring is known as the mongoose hill pond as well. 

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