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කුඩා රාවණා ප්‍රදීපාගාර

Little Basses Reef Lighthouse

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Kuda Ravana Kotuwa

Little Basses Reef Lighthouse

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Little Basses Reef Lighthouse is an active offshore lighthouse at the southern end of Sri Lanka, and it is operated and maintained by the Sri Lanka Navy.

It is located on a reef called Kuda Ravana Kotuwa (Fort of Little Ravana), but when the British invaded Ceylon, they named it Little Basses (fourteen km off the coast of Yala National Park and northeast of the Great Basses Reef Lighthouse. The two Basses lighthouses are among the most famous offshore lighthouses of Asia.

The lighthouse was designed by Sir James Nicholas Douglass and built by William Douglass using the same steamships, crew and workers as the Great Basses Reef Lighthouse was completed in 1878.

It withstood the force of a tsunami in 2004 with only modest damage; it was repaired with assistance from the UK lighthouse authorities Trinity House and The Northern Lighthouse Board.

The lighthouse is close to Daedalus Rock, the site of the sinking of HMS Daedalus (1811).


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