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Sinha Pokuna of Mihintale

Sinha Pokuna of Mihintale

Sinha Pokuna of Mihintale

Lion Pond and Lion spout

The pond known as the Lion Pond is found amongst the ruins in the ground opposite the Kantakacétiya in the opposite direction. Nourished by the waters flowing close by, this stone pond is artistically a significant construction. There is a lion standing with its back placed before the pond on the lower terrace below the pond. Water is discharged from the mouth of the figure of the lion, similar in arrangement to that found as a spout. It was possible to bathe while standing in front of the lion. This pond is dated to the 7" century. Thus it is evident that this was one of the most ancient ponds with a spout found in Sri Lanka. There is another spout difference in appearance found in one of the ponds at the Ranmasu Uyana (Gold Fish Park). The waters from the Tisawiwa flow into a roof of a cave-like room built adjacent to the pond. It then flows into the small pond in front of the room, similar to the water draining from a spout.

It was possible to bathe from this spot. This ancient specimen proves the existence of bathing spouts during the Anuradhapura period.

(Heritage of Rajarata by Prof. Chandra Wikramagamage P165)

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