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Christian Heritage Sites

The face of the island was changed to a certain extent during the period the British ruled. This era coined the British period was responsible for the construction of five Roman Catholic Churches. These Christian sites gathered momentum especially along the country’s coastal belt from the North of Colombo right up to Puttalam and Southwards towards Galle.

The largest of these Churches is located in the city of Colombo, known as St Lucia’s. The more recent of these is the Thewatta National Basilica in Ragama. The interesting point is that most of the coastal churches were constructed by the help of donations from the fisherfolk who saw it fit to contribute 10% of their income to support the church. It is believed that their faith in protection from the saints was a way of paying homage to the church and all it stands for. Many churches can be visited throughout the island with some in idyllic settings. Some are small and others grand and well maintained to this day.

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