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Hot Springs and Waterfalls

Hot Springs, (Sinhala: උණුදිය ලිං) also known as hot wells are found in several parts of Sri Lanka. These wells run out of water if 10-15 buckets of water are taken out daily yet, these hot springs are beautiful to see and prove natures' skilled hand in creating miracles on earth.

Sri Lanka is also known to have the highest number of waterfalls in the world, making it one of the most delightful places to visit. The district of Ratnapura, Nuwara Eliya and Kegalle have many falls. Baker's Falls, Devon Falls, Rawana Falls, Ramboda Falls, St. Clair Major Falls and Hunasfalls count among the major points of interest on the island. Travellers find it equally interesting walking along footpaths and alongside rocky faced mountains to discover these cascading sheets of white that fall from over 100 feet heights. You can bath under the waterfall or wade into the basin of the fall to feel the pure exhilaration of that cool, clear sparkling water. Some of the waterfalls have very interesting folk tales and legends.

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