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Archaeological Sites

An archaeological site is the remains of a place that once existed for humans or animals. It is proof of past physical life, either prehistoric, historic or contemporary; preserved part or intact. These sites can be investigated using the discipline of archaeology, representing a part of the archaeological record and history.

In Buddhist teachings it is said that the sacred City of Anuradhapura was founded in the fourth century BC. Anuradhapura known as the political and religious capital of the Sinhalese civilization over 1,300 years ago, saw the making of many religious monuments. Stupas and palaces built during this period form part of these sites. The ancient city, still sacred to Buddhists and surrounded by a number of monasteries is just one of the many famous sites available to visitors. Interesting to note; 250,000 identified archaeological sites exist and some of the other famous sites are found in Sigiriya, Dambulla, Kandy and Polonnaruwa.

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