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Manor Houses and Walauwes

In the ancient era, the Walauwa was the name that was given to a feudal/colonial manor house of a native headman. This was also a part of the feudal social systems that existed during the colonial era.

The term walauwa means a compound or garden or by implication, a large house with aristocratic design. The highest of walauwas in the Sinhala social status is the Wasala walauwa. Wasala means an entrance. In the Sinhalese social hierarchy, a Wasala walauwa would depict the elegance, uniqueness and financial resources of the individual families and in the village. Many of the walauwas boast aspects of Ceylonese architecture, Dutch and later colonial influences. Many of these walauwas consists of a cluster of buildings linked by long verandahs, with a courtyard known as the medamidula, in its centre. The walauwa was traditionally associated with the homes of the courtiers who were members of the royal court in Kandy.
Mansions of the Colonial era can be found in both the interior area and the city of Sri Lanka.

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